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Migraine is a neurological disease. It affects 12% of the American population, or 39 million adults and children. Surprisingly, it’s the third most prevalent illness in the world and the sixth most disabling. Without proper care and treatment, 90% of sufferers can’t function during a migraine episode. Pain management expert Ana Maria Platon, MD, at The Pain Specialist in Stockbridge, Georgia, uses Botox® to treat and manage the effects of migraines. If migraines affect your life, make an appointment through the online booking system or over the phone.

Botox Q & A

What is Botox®?

Botox comes from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. At a particular point in cell development, this bacterium produces botulin toxin. Scientists discovered that, although poisonous in large amounts, botulin toxin has incredible muscular relaxing properties when used in minimal doses. Though more known for wrinkle reduction, Botox has a long history of treating medical conditions, migraines being one of them.

Dr. Platon uses Botox as a pain management treatment for migraines, for which it has FDA approval.

How does Botox treat migraines?

When you have a migraine, chemical transmitters carry pain signals from the brain to nerves in your neck and head. Botox treats migraines by blocking these transmitters before they can reach the nerves.

Studies show that Botox cuts down the total number of days people had migraines or even other types of headaches. They had more pain-free days each month and took fewer days off work.

Dr. Platon administers several shots of Botox around the neck and head. Altogether, she evenly distributes between 30-40 shots. If your migraines originate in one area, she may give you more in that area.

Administering Botox for medical reasons differs from cosmetic treatments. Dr. Platon has specific training to administer Botox for migraines. Never receive migraine treatment from someone who has authorization to use Botox only for wrinkles or other cosmetic uses.

How quickly does Botox work at treating migraines?

Around 50% of people see their number of headache days halve after two rounds of treatment. After five rounds of treatment, this number increases to 70%.

Results aren’t immediate. You should notice a reduction in migraines from two to three weeks after your first treatment.

Speak with Dr. Platon before treatment to discuss your expectations.

When is Botox suitable as a migraine cure?

In 2010, the FDA approved Botox only for adults who get chronic migraines. The more headaches you have, the more successful the treatment. Chronic migraine means:

  • You have a history of migraine headaches
  • You get headaches on 15 days or more each month, including eight migraines.

Botox isn’t a suitable treatment if you have fewer than 14 headache days each month or have other types of headaches, like cluster headaches.

Dr. Platon assesses how many headache days and the type of headaches you have each month to decide whether Botox is an appropriate treatment for you. Make an appointment today by calling or booking through the website.