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Back Pain Specialist

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Back pain is one of the most disruptive pain disorders in the United States. Most people experience back pain at least once in their lifetime. It’s one of the most common reasons for people to miss work and a leading cause of disability worldwide. Ana Maria Platon, MD, is a leading pain management specialist at The Pain Specialist in Stockbridge, Georgia. Every year, she treats hundreds of patients living with back pain, helping them achieve a better quality of life. Call to make an appointment today, or use the online booking tool.

Back Pain Q & A

What are the symptoms of back pain?

There are several symptoms associated with back pain, including:

  • Pain when standing, walking, bending, or lifting
  • Shooting or stabbing pain
  • Pain that radiates down your leg
  • Muscle ache
  • Pain that improves when you recline

Dr. Platon treats all symptoms associated with back pain. Her goal is to ease discomfort with comprehensive care programs.

What causes back pain?

Back pain occurs because of lifestyle and medical reasons. These include:

Skeletal irregularities

A spinal irregularity, like scoliosis, can lead to back pain developing in middle age.


Osteoporosis is a condition that causes your bones to become brittle. It can lead to your spine's vertebrae developing compression fractures.


You can injure your back through heavy lifting or if you move suddenly and awkwardly. These movements strain your spinal ligaments and back muscles.

Physical condition

If you're in poor physical condition or are overweight, constant strain on your back can cause muscle spasms.

Bulging or ruptured discs

Discs act as cushions between the bones in your spine. The soft material inside a disc can bulge or rupture and press on a nerve.

Dr. Platon has training in recognizing the different causes of back pain. She can pinpoint where your pain originates and how best to treat it.

How do nerve root blocks prevent and diagnose back pain?

A nerve root block can be both pain treatment and a pain diagnostic.

Pain diagnostic

Dr. Platon uses a nerve root block to determine which specific spinal nerve is causing pain and to diagnose radiculopathy, or inflammation of the nerve root.


Dr. Platon also uses a nerve root block to ease pain. She does this by injecting local anesthetic and steroid into the area where the nerve exits the spinal column.

What can you do to prevent back pain?

You can make a variety of lifestyle changes to help reduce back pain and prevent it from developing in the future. These include:

  • Low-impact aerobic activities
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Building muscle
  • Improving flexibility
  • Adjusting posture when standing or sitting
  • Using correct lifting techniques

Dr. Platon uses a combination of traditional medication and holistic methods to treat back pain. Make an appointment today, and take the first steps toward a pain-free life. Call the practice, or use the online booking tool.